Digital music streaming software

Supported platforms

Once installed on a home server or computer, you can access atmosph3re from any machine, as long as you get an internet connection and an internet browser. There are differences though in installation of atmosph3re


The easiest installation. We've built a Windows installer that install all required modules, and also takes care of all configuration.

You only need to add your music folders, your users, and that's it!


Atmosph3re Linux version is not available for download yet.

We'll put it online as soon as we can.


Atmosph3re Linux version is not available for download yet.

We'll put it online as soon as we can.

System requirements

Home server or local computer

Any decent machine should be enough to run atmosph3re. For specs sake, we'll state that you need at least a dual-core processor and 4Gigs of RAM.

atmosph3re server requires Windows for installation, it takes up to 160Mb of disk space, and you obviously have to plan enough space to store all your music

atmosph3re installation

The Windows installer installs on Windows machines only, from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The installer should configure all necessary modules with a few clicks only.

Linux and OsX machines cannot install atmosph3re for the meantime. We'll make an installer for these OSes in a near future, promised!

A modern internet browser

All recent versions of modern browsers work with atmosph3re flawlessly. Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge are all supported by atmosph3re.

Although any browser will work in IP mode or streaming mode over the internet, only Firefox will allow you to access local and network files, if that's your preferred way of using atmosph3re.

A coherent music folders structure

Simply put, atmosph3re needs your music to be grouped by records, or albums, and the name of the folders must follow the following convention: Artist Name - Album Name.

You can have as many hard drives or you may have already regrouped albums by music styles, atmosph3re will deal fine with that.

atmosph3re also manages music folders that are structured on two levels, like iTunes does.

Some people using iTunes have a pretty messed up music folders structure, each folder bearing a random name, and songs from the same album scattered multiples folders. atmosph3re does not deal with that, sorry!

Streaming requirements

Active Internet connection

If you plan on using atmosph3re only on your local computer or your local network, you don't need an active internet connection.

If you want to stream over the Internet, then your home server or local computer needs to be turned on, and you also need an active internet connection.

If your Internet provider provides you with a dynamic IP address, that changes frequently, we suggest you use a dynamic DNS service like

Bandwidth required by atmosph3re

It all depends on the bitrate on the songs you'streaming! Streaming 128kbps or 160kbps mp3s does not require much bandwidth, you can stream without interruption with a 1Mbps upstream bandwidth connection without problems.

If you stream 320kbps or more bandwith hungry content, we strongly suggest you get a faster upstream connection, something like 5Mbps or even better 10Mbps connections.

Occasionally, administrator rights in Windows

When you add your music folders in atmosph3re, it tries to create symlinks so you'll be able to stream later on. For that, you need administrator rights.

Bundled Apache server and mySql server must be running

When you install atmosph3re, it comes bundled with an Apache webserver and mySql database server. These components must be up and running whenever trying to access atmosph3re.