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atmosph3re, the best music webapp available!

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atmosph3re is a web application, that you need to install just once, on your home server, or home computer. It scans all your music folders, and it generates a database of all your music collection. From then on, you can listen to any of your music from atmosph3re by browsing through your music collection through different tools. You can classify your music by style, by appreciation, by year released, by name, by number of plays etc.

Install once, access anywhere

No need to install apps or local applications on every machine in your network to access atmosph3re. You can access a single instance of atmosph3re through as many computers, tablets, cellphones as you have, either over your network, or through the internet or cellular network.

Protects your music files

atmosph3re never touches or fiddles around with any of your music files! It will only writes playlists and cover art in existing music folders, but it will never re-sort, rename, or delete any music folder, ever!

Windows installer

We provide a Windows installer to install atmosph3re as a server on a Windows machine. The installer installs everything required by atmosph3re to run properly. Namely, it installs: an Apache web server, a MySql database server, a control panel for the web and database server, and it installs numerous PHP files which constitutes the core of atmosph3re.

Multi platform

Because atmosph3re is web-based, it can be accessed from any platform! You can access atmosph3re just as smoothly on OsX, on Linux, on Windows, and Android! For the meantime, atmosph3re can only be installed on a Windows machine, as the installer is not yet completed for OsX and Linux platforms. We are working on making these available in the best timeframe possible.

Works in the browser

atmosph3re entirely runs in the browser. That means you can access your music from any device, as long as you have an internet connection, and an internet browser! atmosph3re works on desktops, notebooks, tablets and phones! It supports all modern browsers, namely Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari.

Works with your music player, or within a player inside the browser

By default, atmosph3re uses a music player in the browser to play your music. You can also choose to launch your music in your favorite music player instead, to ensure you get the best possible audio quality! atmosph3re works with a number of music players including Winamp, Foobar, Windows Media Player, Audacity, Banshee and many more.

You can listen to whole records with a single click, or listen only to selected tracks. You can build playlists by dragging records or individual songs in your music player, or in the provided player within the browser.

atmosph3re will shortly become an essential part of your parties!

Streams your music

atmosph3re runs on your home server or home computer and can be accessed either over your local network, over wifi, and even over the Internet and your cellular network!

You create usernames and a passwords that reserve access to your music only to authenticated users! Access to your music collection will thus become both secure and personalized!

a3 bridges the gap between digital music and the artists

atmosph3re not only helps you get the most out of your digital music collection, it allows you to track and follow your favorite artists and to know when they're going to give concerts or shows in your region!

You'll be able to reconcile the digital nature of your music collection, with the artists that produce music you love, by going to see them perform at their concerts!


With only one atmosph3re installation, you can create as many user accounts as you wish, each with access to different part of your music catalog if you wish so!