Digital music streaming software

Main features

Ok, atmosph3re has many features, but if we had to break it down to the main distinctives ones, these would be the outstanding ones!

My music, anywhere!

atmosphere lets you access to your very own music collection, where ever you are, without any subscription of any sort.

As long as you have a powered on computer at home that runs atmosph3re, an active Internet connection and a browser, you're all set!

My music, on any device!

Since atmosph3re works in your browser, it works on all devices, be that a desktop, a notebook, a tablet or even a cell phone!

Being built in 'Responsive design', it is just as good a music player on your cell phone than it is on your desktop!

My music, on any platform!

Being a web app, you can access atmosph3re from all major platforms. It must first be installed on a Windows computer at home , a machine that will act as your music server.

Windows version is available now, and OsX and Linux versions will be shipping eventually.

Features details

Supports many types of audio files

atmosph3re manages mp3, wma, aac, flac, ogg and m4a files! If your music player can handle these format, atmosph3re will manage them. It also supports mkv and avi video files.

atmosph3re sounds amazing!!!

We're audiophiles. We love music! When atmosph3re plays your music, we ensure you get the absolute best audio quality you can have! atmosph3re does not resample or downsample your music, it's just as good as your audio encoding is!!

atmosph3re works as well on your phone, tablet, or computer

atmosph3re is now entirely built in 'responsive design', which makes it just as efficient on your phone than on your desktop!

This latest version is made with Bootstrap framework, a foundation of the 'responsive design' movement. It guarantees usability and functionalities that are coherent across all type of devices, from a small cell phone, to a 34 inch computer monitor.

atmosph3re plays music in the browser or with your mp3 music player

That's up to you! By default, atmosph3re plays music directly in the browser, in HTML5 if possible, or through Flash as an alternative. That being said, you can decide to have your music play in any favorite mp3 player software, like Winamp, Foobar or Audacity.

You'll be able to choose between ease of use and optimal audio quality, whenever you want.

Download albums!

atmosph3re allows you to download any album so you can listen to them in offline mode. You'll be able to build a temporary musical library for your next adventure off the beaten paths!

a3, tell me what's new!

atmosph3re can tell you of new releases and incoming new releases from all of your available artists. You'll be notified of all new releases, including shows in your locality!

Get sleeves and cover art

atmosph3re fetches cover art directly from many cover art sources. When you add a new record, atmosph3re can get you corresponding cover art from discogs, musicbrainz, and amazon.

Find that song!

atmosph3re has a powerful search engine. It searches by disk name, artist name, and in all comments associated with a record. What's more, it will even find all songs by song name, either by file name or directly from within m3u files!

Manage your Music styles

Add and manage your own music styles. atmosph3re comes bundled with 30 electronica and dance-oriented music styles, but you can add, display, sort as many as you want!

That record rocks!

You can add comments and reviews to your records. These are kept for each user, so you always get your review of any record, and you also get access to the ones your atmosph3re users and friends have made!

Never miss a concert!

atmosph3re allows you to define your locality and get the concert listings for the next few weeks. As well as the regional list of concerts, you can follow your favorite artists and get notifications whenever they perform in your region! Finally, for each album, you can check if the artist is currently touring and where he or she is giving shows!

Backup your data!

atmosph3re now allows data backup for information about your albums. Your commentaries, appreciations, rankings and listening history will be well preserved!

Users and friends

Not only can you define as many users as you want who get local and internet access to your music collection, but you can also share your music collection with your friends, by adding them as such in atmosph3re! So you want to listen to your friends new acquisitions, no problem, just login to their atmosph3re instance, listen and enjoy!

Links to AllMusic and Discogs

For any record, you can get artist and record infos directly from discogs and allmusic two excellent sources for comments, discographies, and biographies.

Track your Listening history

Want to check what you were listening to last week, or six months ago. atmosph3re keeps a complete listening history for all your records! You won't unintentionally forget any record anymore!

atmosph3re manages folders created by iTunes

By default, atmosph3re needs a coherent music folders structure, one where each album is contained within its own folder and named the following way: Artist Name - Album Name

From now on, atmosph3re also manages music folders on two levels, where all albums from an artist are saved in separate subfolders bearing each album name.

What atmosph3re does not do!

atmosph3re is not a peer to peer network

You cannot exchange or download music from atmosph3re. It's not built for that. atmosph3re only manages the music you've already acquired.

atmosph3re is not a music store

Nope, we don't sell, distribute or otherwise facilitate acquisition of music. That's a job for music stores.

atmosph3re does not fetch styles, labels, release year, automatically

Eventually it might do, but we preferred to give you a complete freedom to define and manage your own music styles.