Digital music streaming software

My music, anywhere!

atmosphere lets you access to your very own music collection, where ever you are, without any subscription of any sort.

As long as you have a powered on computer at home that runs atmosph3re, an active Internet connection and a browser, you're all set!

My music, on any device!

Since atmosph3re works in your browser, it works on all devices, be that a desktop, a notebook, a tablet or even a cell phone!

Being built in 'Responsive design', it is just as good a music player on your cell phone than it is on your desktop!

My music, on any platform!

Being a web app, you can access atmosph3re from all major platforms. It must first be installed on a Windows computer at home , a machine that will act as your music server.

Windows version is available now, and OsX and Linux versions will be shipping eventually.