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About us

During daytime, we work on corporate stuff, but at nighttime, our true love of music takes over.

- Creators of atmosph3re
For the love of Music!

We wanted to get the same feeling out of atmosph3re as when we looked over rows and piles of records and cds in real music stores. So we got the mosaic view up and running, and it gives you that feeling. But we also wanted to make a super catalog of our record collections, so we'd never loose track of good records in the big maelstrom of incoming music, hence the multiple tools for cataloging and searching music!

Add a pinch of streaming, multi-users access, no subscription cost to a streaming service, and you get atmosph3re! Groovy!

Our company

What we do

Turbine interactive is a small but very dedicated and innovative web development software company, which has been in business over ten years.

During daytime, we build and provide online solutions to help small and medium sized enterprises in their daily operations.

We build products like Plain Ticket, an issue-tracking/help desk system, and like Groom and Projman, all aimed at businesses.

Sure, that's fun! But our main attraction, as the sun goes down everyday, shifts to music!! Hence atmosph3re! We hope you enjoy it!

Our history

We started out by offering distance and eLearning solutions to the educational community in Canada.

In the past few years, our focus has shifted, and we now devote ourselves to small- and medium-sized businesses by developing and providing online tools to facilitate their corporate operations.

Our location

We are located on the Plateau Mont-Royal in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Our skills

Responsive Design